C R A C K Magazine headed out to Dr. Martens stores in London, Brighton, Bristol and Cardiff to find young people with a passionate stance.

With various media outlets happy to call us out as the most complacent generation yet, is it time to reclaim our subcultures? Has our hyper-developed, hyper-connected society disbanded this sense of division, or are there still young people out there who stand for something?

It’s an issue that Dr. Martens are tackling in their latest campaign, #STANDFORSOMETHING, which celebrates free-thinking individuals who stand out from the crowd. Their seasonal story, The Spirit of 69, draws on the original essence of skinhead culture. A true working class movement, the first wave fused a fixation on meticulous, ultra-minimalist style with the disparate influences of post-Windrush Caribbean culture, Trojan Records’ ska and rocksteady and a proud British sensibility.

We headed out to Dr. Martens stores in Spitalfields (Lamb Street), Brighton (Prince Albert Street), Bristol (Broadmead) and Cardiff (The Hayes) to find young people with a passionate stance, drawing from subjects as diverse as feminism, brutalism, and Tex-Mex dining.

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