Hard Facts to Swallow…

is the third evidence-based report produced by GPS Culture (Peter Stark, David Powell and Christopher Gordon) addressing the performance of Arts Council England in relation to its stewardship responsibilities for the arts in England. It offers a detailed analysis and evaluation of the Arts Council’s investment plans for 2015–18 and is published on Friday 10 October 2014.

The report has been produced by the authors independently and at their own expense.

The Conclusions

Our research and analysis over the past 18 months illustrates the systemic inability of the Arts Council to reform its policy without external intervention. The forces of custom, practice and vested interest are just too strong, and the overall impression is of an increasingly closed system that operates with insufficient transparency.

We contend that after the next general election any incoming administration should fundamentally review the arrangements for funding the arts and culture in England, including the Arts Council itself.


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