The New Economy of Art


DACS and Artquest launch new book

The New Economy of Art, by DACS and Artquest, is a collection of new writings on value, patronage and emerging business models in contemporary visual art, with contributions from experts across the art world.

The art world paradox

Bringing together a range of perspectives, The New Economy of Art explores the current economic infrastructure supporting visual arts in the UK and its impact on individual artists and their capacity to make art.

The book includes texts by Louisa Buck, writer and broadcaster; Alan Freeman, economist; John Kieffer, writer and arts policy advisor; Courtney J. Martin, art historian; Keir McGuinness, arts management consultant; Lynda Morris, curator and art historian; Andrea Phillips, Professor of Fine Art, Goldsmiths; and Andrew Wheatley, Director, Cabinet.

These are complemented by specially commissioned interventions from artists Sonia Boyce, Jeremy Deller and Barbara Steveni. Sonia Boyce and Barbara Steveni have created new works that are reproduced within the pages of the book and Jeremy Deller has designed a set of bookmarks.

Collectively, the contributors expose the paradox of the UK’s art economy and ultimately, its fragility; where an unregulated art market grows at a rapid rate while individual artists’ capacity to make art is threatened by a vulnerable and precarious income.

For further information, and to pre-order your copy of the book ahead of its publication in December 2014, please visit the website:

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