Be Inspired By Ai Weiwei



In June 2014, the acclaimed Chinese artist Ai Weiwei donated data for a Hackathon held at the Tate Modern to mark the launch of The Space.

He recorded himself reading aloud the names of the 5,196 children and young people who died in 2008’s Sichuan earthquake, which he and thousands of bloggers collected after the Chinese government refused to release the names.

Groups attending the event were invited to use this data to create their own new artwork, from which three winners were selected. The top prize went to an online piece called $echo, which can be seen in the Hack The Space video above.

Now Ai Weiwei is making this data open to all, so that anyone can take it as inspiration to create their own new artwork. You can listen to and download the file, and then use it however you wish.

This information, initially hidden from view by the authorities, is now freely available. In the spirit of freedom of expression and to ensure the names of those who lost their lives are not forgotten, Ai Weiwei offers you this data to make your own work.

We’d love to see what you make with it. Upload your finished piece to the platform of your choice, and email us a link to:

We will feature a selection of the best pieces on our website.

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