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Create – a new journal on the value of the arts

The Arts Council has launched Create – a new journal looking at the value of arts and culture. The magazine features a wide range of contributions from writers and artists, politicians to poets discussing the true impact that arts and culture can have on society.


If we want to tell the story of how arts and culture enrich our world, we have to start with describing how they touch and change all our individual lives; how art and culture can inspire us, help us to articulate ourselves, and how they form and make sense of the world we live in.

Alan Davey revisits his childhood home on Teeside to explore how culture gives meaning to people and places; Tony Butler considers how museums can equip society for the future; and John Major celebrates the ‘soft power’ of the arts. Poet Karen McCarthy Woolf makes sense of life’s joys and trials through writing; and journalist Tanya Gold visits Meet Me at the Albany, where art confers dignity on those who are so often ignored.

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