08.01.15 – 24.01.15 PRIVATE VIEW: WEDNESDAY 07 JANUARY 2015, 6-9

My work is interested in the anxieties behind the food choices we make as well as the anxieties of the chosen contexts where food is consumed. Why are certain things considered disgusting, when others are considered to be normal? – Penelope Kupfer

Penelope Kupfer’s exhibition Insects is a contemplative and meditative research into the concept of food through the pretext of a polemic dish: insects. The idea behind the artist’s drawings is that eating choices are also the manifestation of an anxiety related to immortality. Eating is the wish to perpetuate one’s existence. Nevertheless, there is another side of eating that is related to the impossibility of knowing with certainty how much the food ingested is affecting one’s body harmony and balance. Every bodily process is a wear and tear activity and this is no different with digestion. Our bodies die a little while trying to keep us alive. No matter how conscious or unconscious, there is always a fear that the food ingested is also shortening one’s life expectancy. From that perspective, each spoonful is a small act of suicide.


The Vaults
Leake Street
London, SE1 7NN

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