Free Spaces for art


Free Spaces for art:

“We’re making it as easy as booking a hotel”
Art Map London’s new project is Free Spaces, a directory of alternative venues for art. a-n speak to Art Map’s Jenny Judova about the new online initiative.

“Personally I think developers should keep artists on a payroll – if they need an area gentrified they should just send in a few hundred artists.” Art Map London founder Jenny Judova is only half-joking. After all, the impact artists have had on the changing face of London is clear to see.

“In the first few years the artists clean up the area, make it quirky, creative and cool,” says Judova. “By year-three, fashion designers will start moving in, then the start-ups, and in five years time you get young bankers fighting to move in. We’ve watched this happen in Shoreditch, Dalston, Hackney, Peckham.”

For more information visit the a-n website.

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