Are women making the wrong kind of art?


Women and contemporary art: why gender inequality is still an issue.

Why is gender inequality still rife in the visual arts and why are so many women in the arts still ‘scared’ of feminism? As a new exhibition opens at the artist-led Airspace Gallery in Stoke, Dany Louise is looking for answers.

Why are so many women in the arts still scared of the ‘f’ word – by which, of course, I mean feminism? It’s one of the many questions being addressed by curators Lucy Day and Eliza Gluckman (Day + Gluckman) in their A Woman’s Place project, and it was refreshing to hear them stand up in their January research symposium and declare, proudly and loudly: “We are feminists”.

Sadly, nowadays it seems more usual to hear or read a variation of: “I’m not a feminist but…” The artist Binita Walia has a succinct response to this: “What? So you don’t believe in gender equality?”

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