Kim Fielding Award



The purpose of the Kim Fielding Award is to encourage, challenge and support artists and creative practitioners to deepen and extend their practice through experimentation, innovation and transformation. The award provides financial and artistic support and critical engagement, for the awardee/s to advance their artistic and professional development. This will involve, in part, the production of an exhibition, event or publicly accessible activity in Cardiff, Wales, that embraces the bold, provocative and generous spirit of the creative community Kim fostered.

The Award includes a budget of up to £5,000 for artist fees and production of the project. The KFA does not have a building of its own, but has strong relationships with organisations and individuals in Cardiff, and is keen to work with them to help deliver the awarded project.

The Award is not only a monetary award, but an invitation into a relationship. KFA members will be available to help facilitate and promote award activity, in close dialogue with the awardee/s. As well as direct and indirect mentoring from the KFA team, the awardee/s will receive technical and practical support, and be part of a broader dialogue with associated individuals and organisations.

Application is free; visit the KFA website for more information and to download the guidelines:

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