VERVE 13 February – 21 March 2015

An onslaught of colour greets you as you walk into the gallery space, a battle between order and chaos taking over the walls. Patchwork canvases of colour blocks, neat and ordered – layered seemingly at random, yet with a careful, intuitive pattern – stand against explosions of messy lines and forms, graffiti-like scrawls of text and scribble vying for attention. In Verve (13th February – 21st March 2015), titular energy and enthusiasm spring forth from the paintings of Sebastian Helling and Richard Schur. While, on first appearance, their painting styles appear to be polar opposites, both share an interest in developing the expressive, emotional qualities of colour, creating a vibrant dialogue between mutually complementary opposites.

Together, Schur and Helling create an intriguing look at the relationship between painter and colour, and of the processes involved in the layering and stripping away of narrative. For, they argue, it is only once this has been done that a new song can be sung. “For me, abstraction is a place of collective and personal memories, experiences and emotions,” concludes Schur. “Through a long, systematic and intuitive process, then, I aim to reflect the meaning of every brush stroke within the whole: anything can matter here.”

For further information on the artists, and past/future exhibitions please visit the website:

Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery Ltd.
533 Old York Road
SW18 1TG
+44 (0)20 8875 0110

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