Davide Balliano


Project Room: Davide Balliano

7 MARCH–2 APRIL 2015

For his first solo exhibition in the UK, Davide Balliano will be presenting a selection of recently executed paintings alongside ceramics produced during the Nuove Residency, which he completed in 2014.

Drawing references from architecture, nature, monuments and icons, Balliano’s work is the product of an ongoing investigation into the relationship between the individual and the macrocosm. Using geometry as a tool of translation, these paintings and sculptures take their form through a process defined by structure, repetition and reduction. For Balliano, the act of removing all excess offers the possibility of reaching an equilibrium between presence and absence, where the object can exist in its most essential state.


15 Carlos Place, London, W1K 2EX

Tuesday to Friday 10am – 6pm
Saturday 11am – 5pm

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