Form of Change


Form of Change

You are invited Form of Change, an exhibition by Emily Caldwell at 44AD

Studying Contemporary Arts and specialising in Textiles at Bath Spa University; Emily’s practice expresses the form of metamorphosis through a series of garments, drawings, photography and film.
Exhibition continues: 08 – 12 April 2015 Open: 12pm – 6pm (Sun 1pm – 4pm)

“My work is inspired my metamorphosis, yet open to other interpretations relating to forms of change. Colour is limited due to the focus on structure, and I am fascinated with the shadows within and around the garments I create. I love the craft of developing analogue photographs and feel they capture shadows perfecltyly, making my textile scultptre look haunting.

The work I create is a combination of real events, in this instance metamorphosis and my imagination together becoming narrative and theatrical pieces. Form of change shows the progression of cocoons and the birth of butterflies, this event develops as the cocoons grow forming a new being that now emerges fromm the cocoon….”

44AD artspace

4 Abbey Street,

Bath, BA1 1NN

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