IMMA Research Seminar : Friday 13 November, 2015

Memory is one of the keywords which shapes and defines contemporary discourse on the past. Referred to within the academic sphere as memory studies, memory is a broad, interdisciplinary field, encompassing artworks, museums, commemorative practice, texts, conferences, seminars, publications and journals concerned with the subject of memory and remembrance. There is a growing interest in memory studies across a wide range of disciplines including history, cultural studies, anthropology, visual culture, sociology and political science. In the context of this turn to memory or the memory boom, and specifically in the context of the decade of commemoration in Ireland, this seminar aims to focus on the role of art and artists and to situate this work within a wider context of memory studies discourse and practice.

Focusing on developments in contemporary art, this seminar aims to provide a forum for emerging post-graduate researchers and scholars to present their research as it relates to the topic art | memory | place.
While all paper proposals will be considered, the organisers would like to encourage applicants to take account of one or more of the themes listed below:

• Artists and artworks addressing the subjects of art, memory and place
• Artists and artworks that challenge the discourse of memory and remembrance
• The changing contours of memory – plurality, hybridity and contestation, etc.
• The dematerialisation of the past
• The politics of memory
• The geographies of memory
• Curating memory
• Nostalgia
• Shifting memories and transforming identities
• Collective versus individual memory
• Transnational memory
• The globalisation of memory
• Against remembrance
• Commemoration: mourning or celebration?
• The relevance or role of the memorial genre in contemporary experience
• New strategies and new modes of representation

Researchers from all related disciplines are invited to apply however the emphasis is on visual culture and modern and contemporary art. We are interested in particular in presentations which focus on contemporary experience and which foreground the relationships between art, memory and place.

Paper contributions should be 15 minutes maximum.

A selection of papers may be compiled into an online document.

To make a proposal

To make a proposal please send

A 400-word abstract with title – for a 15-minute paper and include:

Presenter’s name, institutional affiliation and contact details

A short description of research project (one paragraph)

A short biography – max 200 words


Deadline for abstracts: 2 June 2015

Deadline for final papers: 1 September 2015

Please visit the website for info and to submit:

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