Chrom-Art call for artists:TRIBE

Deadline for applications: 31 July 2015

All UNREPRESENTED artists working in ALL media invited to apply now until 31/7/15.

An alternative Arts festival involving art sale, live street-art, immersive theatre, video,music and dance, TRIBE will be on at 47/49 Tanner St, London, 4-6 September 2015.

Exploring the theme of BELONGING, the group show proposes a radically new exhibition format that replaces the conventional artist-curator model with a collaborative, artist as curator one. Taking as starting point our need for belonging – the third most vital human need according to Andrew Maslow – it empowers the selected artists to become active curators of their own (and each other’s) work. Split into tribes these will be asked to take curatorial decisions with regards to the exhibition’s layout and ways of engaging with the public. A moderator assigned by Chrom-Art will be overseeing their activity, but will not interfere in the process of curation.

To reflect the experimental and innovative nature of the show, the exhibition will take place in a unique and versatile space: a Victorian warehouse spanning three floors, a garage and outside space.

Artists interested are required to submit a strong, cohesive body of work produced within the last five years that responds to the theme of BELONGING and addresses the uniqueness of the space. Moving image and installation works are particularly welcome.

If work will be created specifically for the show, artists are encouraged to keep in mind that TRIBE is an interactive, participative and collaborative experience for both the artists taking part and the public attending. The broad scope of the project is to facilitate a social-artistic experience that will enable artists to manifest the innate human ability to work together towards a goal that is greater than the addition of the parts. An ability that is largely spontaneous, fast and auto coordinated.

For additional information, as well as for applying,
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