Are we almost at a Place


Una d’Aragona & Katie O’Brien – Are we almost at a place

Exhibition runs: 22nd – 26th July, Open: 12pm – 6pm (Sun 1pm – 4pm)
Private View – Tues 21st July (6pm – 8pm)

Una d’Aragona
My paintings start with an idea, experience or narrative and develop and grow through the exploration of colour, mark making, dripping and pouring, and the process of painting itself to become something other and more open to the viewer’s interpretation.

I think of my work as gateways to other worlds that I control through responding to the chance element of gesture and pouring paint and enamels; thus there is a tension between conscious decision and unconscious expression.


Katie O’Brien
My latest series of paintings map ideas and elements that surround the imagery of traditional paintings. Digitally manipulated and reinterpreted in paint, the resulting artwork uses selected colour schemes that are typical of photo editing programs – connecting both the concept and process.

4 Abbey St. Bath. BA1 1NN

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