Artists, art, the media and the public


Artists, art, the media and the public

Tate Etc. issue 17: Autumn 2009

Turner Prize

By Enrico David, Roger Hiorns, Lucy Skaer, Richard Wright, Darian Leader
1 September 2009

Each year the Turner Prize generates media coverage which gives only a fleeting idea of the practice of the artists involved. Tate Etc. brings together this year’s shortlist to find out what they really think of the press and the public.

RogerHiorns   LucySkaer   RichardWright   EnricoDavid
Images Roger Hiorns, Lucy Skaer, Richard Wright and Enrico David in their studios

Darian Leader

The press coverage of the Turner Prize tends to act as a barometer for media perceptions of what art is and what artists are. How do you feel about all the publicity around the prize – what the media grasps or doesn’t grasp about both art and artists?

Richard Wright
If you are talking about the media in the UK, I could probably only be negative about how art is generally discussed. But as an artist you have to accept the reality, and accept that this is the arena in which we are operating. The meaning in some ways is being controlled…..

Lucy Skaer
I would agree that there’s probably not that much positive to say about general media coverage, but print journalism is better than TV and radio coverage…..

Richard Wright
I tend to think misunderstanding is something that you would want to avoid. But it is inevitable – it is therefore something that you have to work with, it is a kind of material…..

Enrico David
It depends on your expectations and how important you feel it is to be understood. I actually enjoy reading negative things about myself because it feels like I can never really blame or be angry about what they say…..

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