N/A Collective: the evolution of printmaking


N/A Collective

N/A is a multifaceted cross disciplinary collective exploring the evolution of printmaking today. Print is about the impression, the lasting mark. Every mark has a story, an intention, a presentation. The steps in a performance, the hand across a canvas, the intervention of a space: How do we give permanence to these fleeting acts? We are are asking: What is a print? What can it become? We are investigating the translation and transformation of print when incorporated with other disciplines. Let’s facilitate a conversation: merge education with publication, turn viewer to participant, connect artists and dissolve boundaries.

We’re looking for artists to come together to expand and push past the conventional definitions of print.
This is an open call to all students and recent graduates, both BA and MA to submit a body of work pertaining to our prompt.

Selected finalists will be featured in an exhibition, as well as being invited to participate in our upcoming publication launch.

We want to know how your practice redefines print. Please submit via email to:
contact@na-collective.co.uk your:

-Cover letter describing how your practice is connects/pushes print
-Artist Statement
-5 examples of your work (1 Mb)
-Link to your full portfolio: website, dropbox, video

Deadline for submission is OCTOBER 25, 2015 at midnight. Finalists announced by the 30th.


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