Invisible Flock


Invisible Flock

Invisible Flock are an interactive arts organisation based in Leeds, formed in 2009 by three lead artists Ben Eaton, Victoria Pratt and Richard Warburton.

Described by the Guardian as “real innovators” of digital and interactive art we are renowned for creating ground breaking hybrid work across forms. We create artworks that invite people to re-imagine the world they live in and how they participate in it, using technology to incite meaningful encounters.

If You Go Away


If You Go Away is a site specific art game delivered through an app launching Autumn 2015 uniquely available to download and play across Leeds, Southampton, South Kensington, Warwick University and Middlesbrough.

Experienced on your phone and navigated by walking in the real world at dusk this new art game takes you on a journey through your streets made strange and new, haunted by the echoes of the city before, the city now and the city to come.

If You Go Away asks us to play together in an augmented world, to think about what it means to be somewhere, to belong, and how the environments we live in might better reflect us.

Download the game to play the story at sunset, or open at any other time of the day, and discover the wider world of the game; find ways to leave your mark.

Optimised for iPhone 5+ available through the app store and on Google Play for higher end Android devices for 79p. Requires headphones, a fully charged phone and to be downloaded over WiFi. Requires some 3G data usage during the experience.

24.09.2015 Download to play Leeds – East Street Arts and Leeds City Council
24.09.2015 Download to play Southampton – John Hansard Gallery
25.09.2015 Download to play South Kensington – V&A Digital Weekender
02.10.2015 Download to play Warwick University – Warwick Arts Centre
10.10.2015 Download to play Middlesbrough – MIMA

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