A joint exhibition by Thomas Dowdeswell, Mark Elliott Smith, Christopher Dear
Dynamic paintings from three contemporary artists.

Three emerging artists come together for the first time to take on the complexities of urban existence. Through the rhythm of their paintings they reflect on the pace of modern life without becoming infatuated with speed and technology.

Energy emanates from the interplay between pure vibrant colour and precise abstracted form in this revisiting of the Futurist movement.
Although there are evident strong ideas informing their work, the emphasis in this exhibition centres on the experience of awakening to the celebratory qualities of paint on canvas, bringing the viewer to a more defined awareness of their existence in space and time.

Dear is concerned to synaesthetically heal the senses of sight and hearing, bringing together vision and music in the reflective and illusionistic qualities of his mixed media works.

Smith’s transposition of scale investigates the relationship between spontaneity and control, while his exploration of thoughts and ideas as cyclonic patterns results in enigmatic apparitions offering visual resonances with the contemporary urban scene.

Dowdeswell, with his strong sentiment of socio‐political responsibility, questions how art is produced in the twenty-­first century, whilst holding a fragmented mirror up to life in the fast lane with his super-­sized ‘Vortescapes’.

The viewer will leave this exhibition with their senses revived and renewed, feeling optimistic for the future of painting.

The Private View will be enhanced by the ambient electronica of DJ Chango Mutley’s
unique cut’n’paste live sets. He has performed at Boomtown, Shambala and Small World.

The Gallery Space,
The Island,

1st Floor, Bridewell Street,
Bristol, BS1 2LE
Tel: 0117 376 3457
open daily 11am-­‐7pm
10 – 15 November 2015
Private View – Tuesday 10 November 6.30 – 9pm

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