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We believe that through creative and critical engagement with practices in art and technology people are inspired and enabled to become active co-creators of their cultures and societies.

Why now?

Art and technologies play a central role in the way we see and form our societies. And so it is important that their developments and productions involve more, and more diverse, people at a fundamental level.

We want to open up the black box of art, technology and social change so that more of us, around the world can get involved and make the magic happen for ourselves, our friends, families, communities and societies.

What We Do?

We create online and physical spaces and places for different kinds of people to come together to get involved with contemporary arts and digital technologies.

We are based in London, UK. We run the Furtherfield website for discussion and critical review and two physical spaces in the heart of Finsbury Park with the support of Haringey Council. Furtherfield Gallery at the McKenzie Pavilion hosts exhibitions and pop-up up events and Furtherfield Commons is a technology and community space for discussions, workshops and informal residencies.

We host exhibitions, experimental residencies, experiences, reviews, discussions and workshops. We work with international partners and so local and global networks of people connect to exchange knowledge and ideas and to create their own networked art infrastructures.

If you would like to know more or get involved check out our events, exhibitions and activities programmes or contact us directly via twitter @furtherfield or info@furtherfield.org.

Who are we?

Furtherfield was founded by artists Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett in 1997 and is been sustained by the work of its community; specialist and amateur artists, activists, thinkers, and technologists, who, together cultivate open, critical contexts for making and thinking. Furtherfield is now a dynamic, creative and social nerve centre where upwards of 26,000 contributors worldwide have built a visionary culture around co-creation – swapping and sharing code, music, images, video and ideas.

Furtherfield opened London’s first dedicated gallery for networked and new media art in 2004.

Not-for-Profit Private Limited Company since 2009, Furtherfield is part of Arts Council England’s National Portfolio Organisations.


Visiting Information

Furtherfield Gallery
McKenzie Pavilion
Finsbury Park, London, N4 2NQ
ruth.catlow [at] furtherfield.org

Furtherfield Commons
Finsbury Gate – Finsbury Park
ruth.catlow [at] furtherfield.org
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