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You may have noticed this week that I have done something I rarely do publically – I have expressed frustration about the pressure the art sector is under and the impact this has on artists and commissioning.

I must make it clear that I am not criticising the arts organisations for operating the way they do, but I am asking questions about them. Someone has to, sometimes. It’s a bit like a studio crit during an MA Fine Art course – it’s not about judging or attacking, it’s about intelligent comment and questioning and rigour. And it is meant to be constructive….

…. No other professional has to live like this. No cheese maker has to pay to provide cheese to a shop. No solicitor has to pay to apply for a job (and to boot the job doesn’t have a salary attached.) How many builders will pay a property developer to let them go and work on their site for below minimum wage?

If it is not ok elsewhere, why is it in the arts? Sign up to Paying Artists and the Artists Union, let’s make things change.

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