We’re delighted to announce that our new commissioning round is now open from the UK arts and creative sectors.

We’re interested in work that fits one of three strands – capture projects; projects that extend existing artworks or performances using digital technology; and “landmark” digital arts projects that use technology as an intrinsic part of the work.

We’re looking for the most exciting and innovative work from organisations and artists across the UK arts and creative industries, aligned with a commitment to high quality and the desire to extend the arts experience to wider audiences, harnessing the potential of digital media and technology.

From 2 November until 15 December, you can apply to have your work commissioned by The Space. This includes potential distribution through our core distribution relationships with BBC services such as BBC Arts online or partnerships with other digital media platforms where they are most appropriate.

You can download the commissioning brief below, along with guidance notes.

From 2 November, you can register and apply on our application portal, which you will be able to access from

The questions you will need to answer in your application are included with the guidance notes and commissioning brief. This is to give you time to start considering your answers. The online submissions system for proposals will open for business on 2nd November.


This commissioning strand aims to digitally capture and distribute live performances and cultural exhibitions for audiences; showcasing and increasing the reach of existing events and exhibitions – including UK festivals, world premieres, must-see performances, activities and events – and making these available to a national and global audience….


The relationship between the live arts experience and technology continues to develop. We will harness this to allow artists and arts organisations to extend their existing work using digital technology…..


The Space’s Landmark strand is an opportunity for artists and arts organisations to create interactive artistic experiences that the audience has never had before. Our focus is on the potential of the technologies of interaction and participation to create meaningful artistic experiences and to reach and engage audiences in new ways and at scale. We are particularly interested in exploring new forms of narrative and storytelling as part of this strand…..

Download Commissioning Brief and Guidance

Any questions not covered in the Guidance Notes? Please email

We will be running Q&A and information sessions in November for potential applicants. If you’d like to hear about these sessions, please sign up to our mailing list:

Expressions of Interest must be submitted no later than 5pm GMT on 15 December 2015.


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