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focussing broadly on aspects of change, usually within the UK.
Café Royal Books (founded 2005) is an independent publisher based in the North West of England.

Now also stocked in the recently opened Magalleria shop in


“A great archive of much forgotten documentary from the 70s and 80s”
Martin Parr

“NW England’s Café Royal Books — which releases a book every Thursday (!!) — is one of the best indie photo publishers operating right now”
Pete Brook, Prison Photography

“I think CRBs books have an honesty and rawness, which sadly is lacking in many publications today. Also they seem to be acquiring cult status. And, of course, a real pleasure to work with.”
John Claridge, Document Scotland

“No doubt that Café Royal Books is fast becoming the most important supporter of British photography in 2013”
Grant Scott, The United Nations of Photography

“At a time when digital images are available instantly most everywhere, these slim, softcover volumes still bring a thrill. They have a samizdat feel, a natural urgency that leaves me torn between clinging to my lone copy and pressing it on someone near to me.”John McIntyre

Café Royal Books
Publisher / Editor
Craig Atkinson
+44 [0] 7971 077 406
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