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Angele Etoundi Essamba, Noirs 61, 2001

It all started with a woman’s gaze,

and the unique intensity with which she inhabits the world. That same intensity became the spark for the amazing adventure we are starting with you: showcasing the abundance of African contemporary creativity through the achievements of African women who, in their posture, determination and individuality, are defying paradigms, shattering stereotypes and creating many of the uncovered treasures that make up this unique continent.

IAM Magazine is the first artistic platform that celebrates women in the fields of visual arts, fashion, design and architecture in Africa, as well as the first artistic space focusing on women as an artistic subject. IAM Magazine is built on interactions; on people from different cultural, social and educational backgrounds coming together in one place to create intellectual bridges and further connections; and on a richness of exchanges and collaborations that stimulate opportunities for personal reflection, critical thinking and development. We pride ourselves on being a source of transmission among, and across, generations and continents in our goal to discover and explore the profusion of African contemporary creativity and to make the extraordinary achievements of women and artists visible and accessible at all time.


Inaugurated in its condensed online form, the first paper and entirely bilingual  (English/French) version of IAM Magazine has been released in October 2014. The hard copy of IAM Magazine brings a promise of unique discoveries focusing on the wonders of one of the 54 countries that make up Africa, as well as presenting a selection of projects and art works initiated across the continent.

IAM #01 is dedicated to Cameroon. The Cameroonian art scene is certainly growing through initiatives such as the Salon Urbain Douala (SUD) and the Rencontres des Arts Visuels de Yaoundé (RAVY) as well as programs proposed by art centers such as Doual’art or Bandjoun Station. With the goals of fostering artists’ personal development and encouraging the public to embrace art as part of their national culture, the movement is however still very much in its construction both intellectually and artistically. In this context, the selection of Cameroonian women and men artists we are highlighting online, as well as the wider range that will be detailed in the magazine’s paper form have chosen to constantly challenge the social, cultural and economic obstacles that could impact and endanger their creativity in pursuit of their art and follow one simple principle: “A life of Art, no matter what”.

“In the very first steps of this unprecedented journey we are delighted to take you on board and hope that you will find as much pleasure and excitement in reading IAM Magazine as we did conceiving it.”

Angèle Etoundi Essamba and Céline Seror

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