Disappearing Museums

Disappearing Museums

Disappearing Museums

Life-size “drafts” of museum buildings are to be realized in three dimensions and installed in the remote Icelandic desert.

These sculptural blueprints are composed of salt core, a biodegradable material that naturally dissolves when coming into contact with water.

It’s unpredictable how much rain a desert sees, and this unpredictability will result in beauty, slowly dissolving the structures.

…..Disappearing Museums, which are fleeting and displaced, contrast with the sturdy, integrated, and permanent structures of contemporary society. The viewer is thus asked to reflect on the importance of architecture in daily life, as well as to consider engrained expectations for-and dependence on-such buildings and their surroundings….

…..Neither material nor intangible, neither shapeless nor fully formed, the architect’s draft lies somewhere between a building and the idea of one. By realizing a series of blueprints in salt core, the Disappearing Museums project allows such drafts to briefly occupy a fragment of time and space…..

…..On a more social and political level, the appearance – and disappearance – of the salt core installations in unspoiled nature demonstrates a harmless approach to building, a particularly striking action against today’s backdrop of global development.

Thoughts by Sandino Scheidegger & Lindsey Cash

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