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System Failure Spaces2015

The city problem: or, how artists can benefit from urban regeneration

What part do artists really play in the regeneration of cities – and how might they combat being priced out of studios and homes?

Part of the System Failure talks series, Nov-Dec 2015

More worrying than the loss of spaces is the loss of talent. We risk a city filled with wonderful, world renowned institutions and buildings, but no living, breathing artistic community to keep them alive.

The relationship between artists and urban regeneration is long and contentious. In London, the activities of developers, businesses and governments have worked for hundreds of years to move poorer residents – often including visual artists – around the city. Whether artists are the avant grade of regeneration or merely its unwilling pawns remain the subject of divided opinion….

…. Developers have long suspected that artists help regenerate urban areas: recent talks we have attended have suggested that ‘artists pave the way for artisan coffee for the rest of us’, yet little research has been done to test this theory.

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