The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room one sided poster

Welcome to The Waiting Room…

an exciting showcase of interactive, performative and visual art which creatively responds to the dynamics of scientific research.

Private View:  Fri 15th Jan 2016  –  6pm to 8pm

Exhibition Continues:  16th – 24th Jan 2016,   Open:  12pm – 6pm  (Sun 1pm – 4pm)

The Waiting Room exhibition features work made by 44AD Associate artists exploring themes of stress management, memory and thought processes, in collaboration with science researchers based at the University of Bath. 


Colleagues from the centre for Pain Research:
Dr Ed Keogh
Dr Abby Tabor
Prof Chris Eccleston
Dr Rachel Arnold from Stress and sports research
Dr Julie Turner-Cobb from the STELLAR (Stress) Research lab
Dr.Hannah Family and the Brain template project (Stress and Pharmacy Research)

Hannah Family Brain Templates

Dr. Hannah Family is a chartered psychologist, and one of only two psychologists nationally working full-time in pharmacy research and teaching. She has two broad areas of research interest. The first looks at patient safety in a pharmacy context specifically, how the mental pressures and workload that pharmacists experience (their mental workload) might contribute to errors in the preparation and dispensing of medicines. The second explores how pharmacists might help people to engage with healthy behaviours. Across her research, Hannah explores the interrelationships, dynamics and tensions that arise between healthcare provision and the business model within which pharmacies operate.

Track your heart while you monitor the art.
Take part in the Brain Template project.
Meet in-house gallery expert Dr. Ann Stein and test your stress levels on her buzzy bendy wire test!

Sat 16th & 23rd Jan  (1pm – 3pm):
Drop into The Waiting Room where Dr. Ann Stein looks forward to meeting you and will of course explain anything and everything that you ever needed to know!

Sun 24th Jan 2016:
1pm:  A conversation with FLASH resident artist Brian Gibson (Basement Gallery).

2pm:  Join the Associate Artists involved in The Waiting Room exhibition for a last viewing and discussion surrounding the artwork featured in the exhibition.

This will be headed by Annabelle Barton who was commissioned to make an installation for the show, plus a reading/performance by Carolyn Savidge, relevant to her work included in The Waiting Room and as a preview to her forthcoming Embrace DNR exhibition at 44AD (Feb 8th – 14th).

Curated by Annabelle Barton and Katie O’Brien.

For further information please contact:
Tel:  07753 378 325

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