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Exploring the artistic process from start to the finished work

13:27 17 January 2016 David Vincent East Anglian Daily Times

Internationally renowned artists Go Collateral in exhibition at University Campus Suffolk

Sixteen established artists, who all have an East Anglian connection, will for the first time reveal elements from their creative process that would otherwise remain unseen by the public alongside a finished artwork in Ipswich.

Collateral Drawing is being exhibited at University Campus Suffolk’s Waterfront Gallery this month: 4 January – 19 February 2016.

The exhibition provides an insight into each artist’s working methodology, exposing various clues and elements integral to the creation of a final artwork.

Exhibiting artists include Glenn Brown, Gillian Carnegie, Ryan Gander, Biggs & Collings, Graham Crowley, Kayle Brandon, Bella Easton, Stephen Felmingham, Chris Hawtin, Julian Perry, Rebecca & Mike, John Stark,Michael Stubbs, Trisant,Daphne Warburg Astor and Richard Wathen.

Co-curator and exhibiting artist Bella Easton said “There’s more to an artwork than its finished state, but exhibitions concentrate on that, along perhaps with preparatory studies which act as preliminary versions of that state. Yet there may be any number of by-products from the making of an artwork, and that is what ‘Collateral Drawing’ explores….

…. The Collateral Drawing Series was launched at Plymouth College of Art in February 2014, with the aim to travel around academic and public venues, exploring the central concept through an evolving selection of artists. Since an Anglo – Greek collaboration between six artists took place in Athens in May 2014 and an Anglo – German version between ten artists in Berlin earlier this autumn.

Lisa Wade, head of Department for Arts and Humanities at University Campus Suffolk (UCS), said: “The Waterfront Gallery at UCS is delighted to support the Collateral Drawing exhibition. The collaborative nature of this artistic project is something which we find particularly exciting and relevant given our own creative approaches to the learning experience within UCS Arts and Humanities. We hope that this insight into the more fundamental aspects of the creative process will prove thought-provoking as well as enlightening.”

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Waterfront Gallery, UCS
Waterfront Building, Neptune Quay, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 1QJ

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