Mark Tanner Sculpture Award 2016

Simon Liddiment at Standpoint Gallery

Simon Liddiment at Standpoint Gallery

call for applications

The Mark Tanner Sculpture Award is unique in its combination of offering both financial support towards the production of new work and a solo exhibition to an exceptional  sculptor. We seek to reward outstanding and innovative practice in the field of sculpture and are particularly interested in work that demonstrates a commitment to process and materials.

Deadline: 9 February 2016
Application fee: £16

Interviews will be held at Standpoint Gallery on Tuesday 15 March 2016
All applications will be via an online submission, available via our website.

There is no age limit, applicants will be judged on the quality of their work, and the ability of the award to make beneficial impact on their practice and future development.

The financial award to assist in the production of a new body of work is £8,000, made in 3 payments over the course of the year, at the end of which there will be a solo exhibition at Standpoint Gallery. All reasonable costs incurred for this exhibition will be met by Standpoint, including publicity, transport and hospitality.

Standpoint will maintain a supportive, mentoring role over the twelve month period of the award, including studio visits to discuss progress towards the exhibition.


Applicants must be established residents of the UK.
We can now accept applications from artists based in the whole of the UK.
Students in current education are not eligible to apply.
This does not apply to research students working towads an MPhil, MRes, PhD, MLitt or equivalent.

The MTSA is selected by a panel including two guest selectors, one of which is always a practicing sculptor, plus the previous year’s winner of the award and a trustee of the Mark Tanner Foundation. Fiona MacDonald, curator at Standpoint, chairs the panel.

Current award holder Megan Broadmeadow will be presenting her work supported by the award at Standpoint in April-May 2016. Megan was selected from 216 applicants from across the UK, by a panel comprising Laurence Sillars, Chief Curator at the Baltic, Gateshead, British sculptor Richard Wilson, current Mark Tanner Sculpture Award holder Kate Lyddon, and MTSA trustee Rebecca Scott.


MB Festal Video Still

Megan Broadmeadow’s work has an ongoing interest in the times and places in which people enter different states of consciousness and focuses on the objects and costumes which enable such transformations in collective experiences.  Her work explores the fluctuating space between reality fantasy and familiarity, and uses materials from contemporary and ancient cultures to create spaces and objects which allude to the notion of ‘becoming other.’

Her sculptural forms use physical and ephemeral materials to manipulate the audience’s experience of viewing her objects, and in her installations she incorporates lighting, sound and projection to produce disorientating spaces filled with illusions. She often use mirrors to blur the lines of the object and reflect the gaze of the viewer, and indulges in the bright and decorative by using party shop goods and patterned fabrics to suggest transformative times experienced by people at a festival or rave.

Megan Broadmeadow was awarded a Distinction in MFA in 2014 from Goldsmiths College, and gained a BA in 2002 from Slade School of Art. Megan had a solo exhibition in 2014 at Unit#1, g39 Gallery, Cardiff. She was selected as Axis web MA Stars in 2014 by Judith Carlton of Matts Gallery. In 2013 she was awarded an Arts Council of Wales Research and Development Grant.

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