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Some Visual Arts Magazines you may have missed:


Phillip Allen – featured artist


‘Launched in January 2016, Floorr Magazine features established artists along side emerging talent, in a monthly online publication. Based in Peckham, London and artist run, we aim to showcase and interview talented artists from across the world.

Showcase and interview:

Floorr Magazine is currently accepting submissions from emerging artists. Works created in all media are accepted,  If your submission is successful you will be interviewed, showcased and archived on our website, as well as promoted on social media. Please see the website for “Submission Guidelines” and click the “Submit” button to apply.’

Online Contemporary Art Magazine


Kristina Estell-Treatment_Uncovered

Kristina Estell – Treatment (Uncovered)

Made in mind

An independent publishing project dedicated to the promotion of young contemporary visual art. Its  focus is to provide visibility to young art, particularly for lesser known visual artists to showcase their work to an international audience which includes  artists, galleries, museums, curators and others interested in art. The aim is to become a bridge between the art world and artists.  Our critics and curators are looking for new ideas, and artists can also propose their own projects. Anyone who wants to participate in the selection is invited to present their artistic work and have the opportunity to be published.

Made in Mind




A magazine and a contemporary visual art gallery born and based on principles of contemporaneity, the very same principles in which contact, connection and exchange are prerogatives of a cultural evolution supported by a technology that is the expression of an interest to find new channels to relate freely and more directly to the others, an interest to demonstrate an innate need of human contact, where meetings are always something which give rise to something else.

LoosenArt Contemporary Art Magazine and Gallery is always looking for new artists.


Art Magazine and Gallery



An online photography magazine dedicated to work that successfully captures, represents and encourages acute observation, via the photographic medium.

‘We believe that the most powerful and compelling photography is made in response to reality itself; when it is inspired by the gravity of experience, draws attention to what might otherwise go unnoticed, preserves what one marvels at in a moment, or evokes that which one feels should never be forgotten.

We are devoted to publishing and promoting both established and emerging photographers side-by-side – anyone who takes the act of looking extremely seriously, and fully communicates what they themselves have seen, through photographic imagery alone.

SEESAW also encourages writers to engage directly with photography, and regularly presents essays, reviews and interviews, that delve deeper into the stories, histories, emotions, meanings and abstract issues that often lie behind photographic imagery.’


Online Photography Magazine

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