2016 Lumen Prize


2016 Lumen Prize for Digital Art Call for Entries

Seeking outstanding art created digitally in categories ranging from moving image to games and mixed reality.

Now in it’s fifth year, The Lumen Prize celebrates the very best art created digitally by artists around the world. Its goal is to celebrate the power and potential of this exciting genre through an annual competition and global tour of works selected by an eminent panel of judges.

Since 2012, Lumen has staged more than 20 shows and events in more than 10 capital cities around the world, including New York City, Shanghai, Athens, Amsterdam, Riga, Cardiff, and London. In partnership with its academic partners, Lumen holds seminars, artist talks and symposiums at nearly all of its shows.

Lumen believes in the power of art and is honoured to be working with a range of education and art partners around the world including the UK’s Computer Arts Society, New York’s Creative Tech Week, NY’s School of Visual Arts; London’s Camberwell School of Arts MA Fine Art Digital programme, CADW, the heritage arm of the Welsh Government and Swansea University’s School of Management.

What art is eligible?

Any art created by a digital device using proprietary, open-source or creatively-coded software. Entries using animation techniques, CGI and moving-image software to produce 3D, interactive and time-based works with or without sound are all welcome. Works which use gaming technology, VR, AR, a website or an app are also eligible for entry.

What kind of equipment can artists use?

Work must be created, at least in part, on tablets, digital cameras, smartphones or computers. Traditional work can be part of the creative process, but we do not accept digitised versions of traditional work.

How do I enter?

The 2016 Call for Entries opens on March 15 and closes on June 1. Details on how to enter can be found on the website: lumenprize.com/how-enter

What does it cost?

It’s US$45 for 2 works and US$22.50 for each additional work. A not-for-profit organisation, Lumen receives no outside funding. All entry fees go directly towards the prizes and global tour.

What can I win?

In 2016, Artists will be competing for prizes worth US$11,000. Shorlisted and winning works will form the 2016/2017 global tour which kicks off in autumn 2016 . They will also be featured on the Lumen Prize Gallery and in Lumen’s annual printed catalogue. Shorlisted and winning artists will also be eligible to participate in seminars, symposiums and events throughout the year.

Vimeo link for Lumen In London 2015: https://vimeo.com/131415951

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