DCMS 2016 Culture White Paper


Southbank Centre/London Music Masters Bridge Project

The Culture White Paper

The first government white paper on culture in England for over 50 years.

…”This white paper seeks to harness the nourishing effects of culture. It seeks to ignite the imaginations of young people, kindle ambition and opportunity and fuel the energy of communities.”…

  • Everyone should enjoy the opportunities culture offers, no matter where they start in life.
  • The riches of our culture should benefit communities across the country.
  • The power of culture can increase our international standing.
  • Cultural investment, resilience and reform.

Everyone should have the chance to experience culture, participate in it, create it, and see their lives transformed by it.
Formal education should be complemented by quality cultural experiences.
Getting the right balance of funding between London and the regions continues to require attention.
We will promote the role that culture has in building stronger and healthier communities and boosting economic growth.
Cultural strategies should involve a wide range of stakeholders; they should be ambitious; they should be long-term; and they should be sustainable.
Facilities that allow artists to develop and create new work should be supported.

Here is a link to the 70+ page Government White Paper PDF file: http://bit.ly/1U7YFFe

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