Arles Photography Festival


Les Recontres d’Arles
Arles, France

The 47th edition of this venerable event will focus on “Storytellers,” examining the photographer as investigators, explorers and imaginative documentarians of our world. Other highlights include the annual Book Award and Discovery Award, a great showcase for new talent.

From: July 4 – September 25, 2016

Photographers lead and guide us through the subjects that drive them. They document, search and investigate. Photographers are investigators. They know their subjects like the backs of their hands. When they go out on the field, they meet, interact and explore. Photographers are explorers. Looking for new territories, they bear witness to the world’s vastness, interrogate history and question the medium. They are neither historians nor sociologists, but artists who construct a visual cosmology out of still or moving images, texts or sounds. They take us along on their stories. Photographers are storytellers….

Thousands of images in venues across Arles, available for over three months this Summer in the South of France…

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