Contemporary British Painting: Summer Exhibition

Freya Purdue, Cobra 150cm x 120cm, oil on canvas, 2016

Freya Purdue ‘Cobra’ 2016

contemporary british painting | summer exhibition 2016

40 artists celebrating 40 years of Quay Arts
The West Gallery, Quay Arts, Sea Street, Newport Harbour, Isle of Wight PO30 5BD
30th July – 15th October 2016



Contemporary British Painting (CBP) is a group of artists representing some of the most exciting emerging and award-winning painting in the UK today. Contemporary British Painting Summer Exhibition celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Quay Arts Centre and it is a great pleasure to be a part of these celebrations with works by 40 members from the group.

A great deal has happened in art during these last forty years: the waxing and waning of trends; painting (by now somewhat tiresomely) regularly pronounced dead; we witnessed the rise of the ‘Young British Artists’ (YBA’s); Tate Modern opened its doors some 25 years after the opening of Quay Arts Centre; and of course the internet suddenly brought the art of the entire world to the phones in our pockets. Yet painting today is at its most diverse, possibly more so now than at any other time in history, and the range and scope of work on show here is testament to the vibrancy and acknowledged status of British painting on the international stage. It seems wholly appropriate that Quay Arts in partnership with Contemporary British Painting should choose to mark this in their anniversary year. . .

Established in 2013 by Robert Priseman in conjunction with Simon Carter, Contemporary British Painting seeks to explore and promote current trends in British painting. . . .

Having established a number of ongoing projects the group continues to look for creative outlets and opportunities for painters. . .

The catalogue presents an image and a statement by each artist introducing you to their work. You can find out more online at where you can also download a copy of this catalogue.


David Ainley | Claudia Böse | Day Bowman | Emma Cameron | Simon Carter | Jules Clark | Lucy Cox | Andrew Crane | Pen Dalton | Lisa Denyer | Sam Douglas | Annabel Dover | Natalie Dowse | Wendy Elia | Paul Galyer | Terry Greene | Susan Gunn | Alex Hanna | Marguerite Horner | Barbara Howey | Phil Illingworth | Matthew Krishanu | Bryan Lavelle | Paula MacArthur | Enzo Marra | Monica Metsers | Nicholas Middleton | Paul Newman | Kirsty O’Leary-Leeson | Ruth Philo | Freya Purdue | James Quin | Katherine Russell | Wendy Saunders | David Sullivan | Ehryn Torrell | Judith Tucker | Julie Umerle | Sean Williams




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