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Proof of Process.

. . . What was also another influencing event at Open Studios 2016 (not 1916)  is on two occasions during that day a man had come into my studio and did not believe that I had made my own workbench.

After a long debate with the first man – and I even got out my chainsaw to prove the point – he was being so patronising that I gave in to sarcasm and told him that yes, I had got a man to build me the bench.  On receiving that information he slapped the bench joyfully and said “I told you so” and left.  The other man was being very critical about the height of the bench – saying it was too high.  It’s actually constructed at that height so it easier for detailed work but by that stage I was on form so  I just fobbed him off saying that I usually work in my Jimmy Choos.


D.O.A.M IV Long listed for the Lumen Prize 2016 … Results end of September 2016

The D.O.A.M series is an ongoing collection of work (CAD drawings, projections and moving image) in response to the death of the artist Ana Mendieta and concerns with gender based violence.  Just one of the images is documented here.  The multiple screen film / animation is currently in production and should be complete by early 2017. . . lumenprize.com


Cocksure ( is anything ever what it seems? )

. . . I was recently at a conference about technology in the arts and one of the panelists was speaking on a subject that I happened to have a specialism in.  What he was saying was absolutely riddled with errors – it was simply uninformed and incorrect.  I was also very aware that he was delivering his talk with such unquestioning confidence.   I then started watching  the audience,  most of them were very engaged and some were writing copious notes.  Without consciously thinking, I wrote down this sentence,  [Bullshit said with confidence becomes the truth] on a post-it.

It made me think what the consequences of this misinformation would be.  Would this become the new truth that students include in essays, people would publish, that would become historicised and other speakers would disseminate ?

I don’t think this is an issue just in education, but rife in Politics and the world around us … just look at the debates we’ve had on the EU referendum… peppered with incorrect facts and untruths, some simply from lazy research and reporting and some more divisive and manipulative – but usually delivered with unbounded confidence.

It was only after going through my conference notes that I rediscovered the sentence and decided I’d like to do something with it. . .


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