Woman – Mindscape


Exhibition Video Tours of Joy Wolfenden Brown’s ‘Woman’ & Laura J Adams ‘Mindscape’

 ‘Woman’ is an exhibition of powerful oil paintings by Joy Wolfenden Brown and ‘Mindscape’ is an exhibition of psychological charcoal animation and drawing by Laura J Adams


Joy Wolfenden Brown ‘Woman’

FLOORS 1 & 2
18/8 – 20/9

The title of this exhibition is ‘Woman’. On the surface this is not a fist pumping exhibition about ‘feminism’, a subject where I concede that there would be at least 50 percent of the population better placed to write about it than I. Instead, this is an exhibition that reflects paintings unceasing capacity to plough beneath the authors personal surface in order to reveal universal truths. . .

. . . We live in strange times, of faceless communication and mounting fear of others – one that many see as a path of worrying de-humanisation. . .

Joseph Clarke 2016


Laura Adams 'Mindscape'

Laura Adams ‘Mindscape’

18/8 – 20/9

‘Mindscape’ is an exhibition of drawing and hand drawn charcoal animation. It represents a metaphoric exploration of a pressurised psychological interior. One scene leads the viewer to the next; as though the audience themselves are exploring the space. The presence of everyday objects through their intended function might symbolize a human presence or action. Ordinary items may have simple, unremarkable characteristics, but by changing the poetic context in which they function, they become extraordinary and alarming. These artefacts of the mind are what the subconscious might use to articulate perception – for example; the telescope pertains to the act of looking, and in turn awakens the notion of forced introspection alongside a palpable sense of being watched. Sources of light and life are fleeting and oppressed, heightening a sense of discord within the kenophobic environment.

Laura J Adams . 2016

St Ives
Cornwall TR26 2DS

Telephone: 44 (0) 1736 793121
Email: mail@anima-mundi.co.uk

Im often asked why we are located here at the end of a peninsula at the far end of the land, and how can we survive so far from the city? I don’t think Im alone in searching for a moments peace from the frenzied pulse of 21st century civilisation, and wondering why our society has become ever disconnected from our natural surroundings and arguably in turn our inner selves. We are a part of a greater whole. How can disconnection create anything other than crisis? Effects of which can be witnessed far and wide. Here (for me) those concerns quieten a little, the inner beat quickens and the drum beats differently, but nowhere is immune to change. We are human after all. 
I still believe, despite a confused state of affairs, that art, when unguarded, offers the potential to join up the dots of why we are here, where we have been and where we might be going. Offering an incomparable insight in to the human condition and our place in the world and who knows, beyond that, the universe. 
Joseph Clarke, Gallery Director
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