The Subjective Dictionary of Continuation

Nest Conversation 4 - The Subjective Dictionary of Continuation

Nest Conversation 4 – The Subjective Dictionary of Continuation

SPACE Project – Nest Conversation number 4 . . .

presets The Subjective Dictionary of Continuation

17:30 – 23:00

Saturday 17th September

SPACE, 6 West Street, Bristol, BS2 0BH

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This time it will be presented for the very first time to the public The Subjective Dictionary of Contamination, curated by Barbara Mulas.

The Subjective Dictionary of Contamination is a collaborative project that takes the form of an independent art & social book exploring the subject of contamination.

The idea came from an increasingly progressive awareness of Mulas’ personal fascination toward this term, and the consequent awareness about the impossibility of its circumscription: the concept of contamination is something highly erratic and versatile, and defining and delineating can be problematic. It can be applied to different circumstances, and it can embody both negative and positive connotations. In other words, its nature is extremely subjective.

As the curator explained, “To both elude and accommodate this subjectivity, I opted to investigate it likewise: through several subjective visions of it.

In order to avoid superficial and easy definitions, its content has been built through an orchestration of subjective approaches and interpretations, which form the chapters of this subjective dictionary.”

So far, The Subjective Dictionary of Contamination is composed by twenty-eight contributions. However, since its essence is to stay open, the dictionary is intended to grow, transform, evolve and expand further.


During NEST Conversations #4 you will have the chance to see it, touch it, and fully experience it.
Expect a deep insight into contamination.
sound / performance / art / community / engagement
6 West street
Old Market
Arts West Side Open Evening


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