Calling all curators and producers.

The dates have been set and the diaries are open.
During 13-21 May 2017, Exeter is holding its second Art Week.

Working with a number of city venues and unusual spaces, partnering with cultural organisations, lining up funding and in-kind opportunities, building a multi-site marketing campaign and developing a series of promotional and supporting engagements that will stretch across the city and beyond, the team at Art Week Exeter CIC is waiting for your call.

Curators: have you got a killer idea for a show? We’ll be on hand to amplify your call-out to artists, sourcing the kit and finding the right venue.
Producers: are you looking to host an international- or national-level artist in the city? What sort of help might you need to make it happen? We’re offering a heap of in-kind benefits that will make your funding bid sing.

In the pipeline: Art Car Boot, AWEsome Art Fair, Art Train, trails and tours, Art Bar and more.

For help with spaces, logistics and exhibition development:
For sponsorship, partner and in-kind opportunities:

To advertise online or in the brochure:
For volunteering opportunities and everything else:


Naomi Hart
Administrative Director
Art Week Exeter CIC
07763 148619
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