Artists’ Lab Opportunity in Cambridge

Collusion’s first lab for 2017 will explore evolving ideas and ways in which artists can engage with this mass data culture, set against the backdrop of Cambridge as a leading centre of research and development. We invite artists from all disciplines to apply for this exciting lab opportunity. Participants will have a unique opportunity to work in an intensive peer environment with artists, academics and computer engineers leading to new pilot projects.

Our programme is designed to connect artists with practical support and the theoretical grounding that enables them to make longer range, more purposeful and challenging work over a period of time. We welcome applicants who are ambitious in their thinking, e.g whose work encourages wider debate among the general public at large, manipulates data within a specific site, or operates online in an usual way.

Please note – you don’t need to be technical to apply – we want ideas and ambition in creative practice first.

This is a fully funded opportunity. You come to Cambridge, spend a week here – we feed you, put you up in a hotel, pay your travel and give you a bursary. All you need to do is fully commit to the week and be open to the process.

Deadline Monday 12 December 2016

Fee £250

To apply, read the brief and complete and submit the application form by 5pm on 12 December 2016 #datalab

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