PhotoBath 2016 Members Exhibition

Tues 8th  –  Sun 13th Nov 2016:    Open: 10am – 6pm
Private View  –  Tues 8th Nov  (6pm – 8pm)

PHOTOBATH was conceived in 2014 by a group of like-minded photographers in the Bath area, looking to establish opportunities to both promote their own work and explore the potential to develop major photographic events and projects.

PhotoBath is a forum for sharing ideas, speaker talks, discussions, activities and collaborations. We are focused on exploring the ideas in and images of Documentary and Fine Art photography, both modern and historical, although we take a broad, inclusive view of those definitions.

The collective has been evolving rapidly since the ‘Street Seen’ exhibition at the 44AD Art Space in 2015. The show drew the attention of local photographers and a range of other local creatives, who immediately detected a serious ambition to raise the profile of quality photography in Bath.

This current show, ‘Storylines’, is the first collaboration of members since then and exhibits a range of interpretations in response to this theme. Whilst we have curated images that range from Street and Documentary photography, to more abstracted Fine Art images, we believe that there is a unity of purpose around storytelling and image creation that unites the show. Each work is often displayed with a short photographer’s statement providing clarification or explanation of the artist’s intent.

The timing of this exhibition also coincides with the launch of the first PhotoBath Showcase publication of member’s work, available to order now. It is not formally defined as a catalogue for the Storylines exhibition but some of the images do appear in it and many of the same contributors to the exhibition are represented. The success of this project is likely to yield further similar publications in the future.

And, to round out a busy year, we are delivering on another strand of our strategy, which is to organise exhibitions of work by renowned photographers. Friday 11th November 2016 sees the opening of an exhibition of selected prints by Sebastião Salgado at the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution. We are mounting this exhibition via collaboration with 31 Studio, the Stroud-based Fine Art, platinum print specialists.

We hope that our activities make you as excited as we are about the future of photography in Bath, and we encourage you to join us. PhotoBath’s monthly events are relaxed and open. We don’t talk a lot about cameras, lenses, focal lengths or F-stops. It is all about the images and how they transcend the world around us – what they communicate culturally, aesthetically, socially and psychologically. So, the discussion isn’t so much about how the photo was taken, but why and with what intent.

You can find out more here:

44AD Artspace
4 Abbey St.
Bath BA1 1NN
07753 378 325

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