Installation view, So Far-so good … so what, action under duress 90 (mins), James Bullimore

Launching Artist Charity

Creating a Sustainable Future for the Next Generation of Artists

Launching this spring, is a dynamic and innovative arts charity, which facilitates corporate support for recently graduated and emerging artists in a way that has never been done before. The charity will build on the success of the Clyde & Co Art Awards, which has seen international law firm Clyde & Co support over 200 emerging artists in their creative and professional development. will collaborate with corporates, professional services and public sector organisations to display vibrant, changing art in their own space, whilst engaging with their staff to nurture creative talent. The scheme will benefit artists, corporates and clients alike, developing cross-sector relationships and encouraging knowledge exchange between corporate and creative worlds.

By participating in, corporates and organisations will select final year artists of promise from one or more partner art schools. Selected artists will be invited to show work within the organisation’s offices for one year, will be awarded a prize to display their work and the opportunity to participate in a commission free auction at the end of the year. As well as receiving financial support, artists will benefit from professional development workshops, creative entrepreneurship opportunities and individual pro bono support. The scheme gives the staff of the organisation a unique opportunity to engage with the visual arts and play a role in supporting the professional development of emerging artists. This represents Corporate Responsibility at its very best. provides the structure, support and logistics to enable corporates and organisations to deliver this model effectively, from partnering with art schools, exhibition installation and curation, developing professional mentoring workshops, improving staff engagement, to budget management and PR. The flexibility of the model means that it can be adapted according to the needs and resources of the organisation, so that each can run their own custom-built contemporary art programme.

The launch of comes at a time where funding cuts and a lack of creative opportunities mean artists are finding it increasingly difficult to sustain and evolve their practice upon graduation. Art schools are under pressure to attract the best talent and to provide real value and opportunity from their courses. The charity also responds to the growing need of corporates for dynamic and constantly changing art collections, without the responsibility of ownership, and provides a continued opportunity for staff and client engagement. seeks to create a symbiotic relationship between artist, art school and corporation.


Participation in means organisations will have the opportunity to support exciting early-career artists and play a fundamental role in their professional development. Additionally, staff and clients will enjoy a vibrant, rotating art collection and a relationship with exhibiting artists, which, for many, will serve as a unique introduction to the visual arts.

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