Take Back Control


Take Back Control is a series of regional events organised by The World Transformed with local activists and volunteers. The phrase ‘take back control’ was used by the Leave campaign, but our series of events seeks to re-address that propositional phrase.

Sure, we’re leaving the EU, but beyond this neutral fact, what is it we can perhaps collectively agree is indeed out of our control, and how would we reshape our lives and country in a re-empowering way? Because undoubtedly disenfranchisement and disgust at the status quo had a dramatic impact on the referendum.

For Plymouth we are looking for artist submissions – illustration, textile, other, anything – that can bring out themes of ‘take back control’; of inequality and equality, inclusion
not exclusion, of hope and vision that can be displayed, performed, enacted, instantiated and/or sold at the event. Our ethos is DIY, practical, grassroots, participatory,
radical, vibrant, recycled and up-cycled and outside-the-box
to use the corporate cliche.

Real control starts in the community with ordinary people taking action. We’re in a moment of change and it’s time those outside of Westminster were taken seriously. Both leave and remain voters want decent pay, secure housing and a strong sense of community. Let’s get together, find common ground and build a better future.

Please send:

  • a 100 word artists statement
  • jpeg images of the work, with artists name as filename
  • artwork title, media, year of production
  • any technical requirements for showing the work

. . . to takebackcontrolartist@gmail.com by 15th March 2017

Applicants will be notified of selection by 20th March 2017


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