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Tagsmart, a new standard for authenticity in art, is launching an unprecedented solution in April 2017, the Smart Tag for canvas works.

Developed in collaboration with leading experts in the fields of science and art conservation, this Smart Tag offers a groundbreaking solution for the art world including artists, collectors, galleries, estates and foundations. Furthermore, the solution resolves issues of credibility and trust which are stated by 75% of all stakeholders as the biggest threats to the art market. Tagsmart addresses the issues of ‘authenticity, lack of provenance, forgery and attribution’ which hinder the growth of the art market.

Tagsmart Chairman Tom Toumazis explains:
“The Smart Tag for canvas works is a great stepping stone to expanding our reach into further artistic mediums. Tagsmart will continue to create the foremost technological solutions for the art market and the canvas tag is just another example of this with much more to come”.

The new Smart Tag for canvas works has been designed as a response to the vulnerability of the unregulated global art market. As new art forgery scandals come to light, costly litigations have forced foundations to fold their authentication boards and art experts have altogether stopped giving opinions on works of art. This concern is highlighted in the 2017 Hiscox Online Art Trade Report which states that 58% of consumers cite fear of buying a fake as a key deterrent to purchasing art online whilst 57% say not enough information is provided about the quality and provenance of artwork. Tagsmart aims to unlock the global art market’s potential in as far as it is held back by authentication and provenance concerns.

Tagsmart Certify was launched in April 2016 with the endorsement of Founding Artists Marc Quinn, Idris Khan and Deborah Azzopardi. We began our journey with the Smart Tag for paper works, later developing the Smart Tag for aluminium works in conjunction with the Mario Testino Studio. These tags have proven successful and effective in their application and ongoing protection of artworks.

Tagsmart have accrued a significant client base of artists, online and offline galleries as well as estates and foundations, including the artist Chris Levine, Beers Gallery and The Guirado Estate. We have also assembled a board of dedicated advisors providing crucial insights in the fields of art and science, including John Watts, Director of Research and Professor of Materials Science at the University of Surrey. Tagsmart continues to expand its solutions for the art market, tackling issues of buyers’ confidence head on with its exclusive Smart Tag for canvas works.

Steve Cooke, Tagsmart’s Chief Innovation Officer, has brought together some of the finest scientists and art conservators to create the Smart Tag for canvas works. The tag responds directly to the art market’s needs, as well as being adapted to the high specification materials intrinsic to the canvas properties. As the canvas can expand, shrink, bend and roll, the Smart Tag is flexible, allowing it to move freely with the natural movements of the canvas. It is composed of materials with over 50 years proven deployment in the fine art market, including 8 years of carefully controlled ageing trials by conservators and public institutions.

Every component of the tag is part of a complex web of security measures, using revolutionary label technology featuring the latest DNA taggants and inorganic compounds. Each tag has unique nano-technology applied to it as an identifier of the work, along with a unique code which links directly to the artwork’s online record on the Tagsmart Certify platform. Lastly, the tag is further secured by being rendered ineffective if tampered with.

A specialist in art forgery and forensics, Colette Loll gives her opinion: “The problem of fakes and forgeries is a prolific one that continues to plague the art market. Tagsmart’s new Smart Tag for canvas is a powerful countermeasure, which will offer protection to a large segment of the marketplace. At the intersection of art and technology, I am encouraged by the innovation which is setting a new standard in authentication.”. . .

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