New Light Prize Exhibition


the New Light Prize Exhibition.

We are currently open for entries for our showcase event

A biennial Prize Exhibition for artists with a connection to the North of England.
Submission fee £15 (decreasing)


We expect the 2017/18 Prize Exhibition to be the largest to date, as we travel to three of the North’s most prestigious venues: the Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle; Huddersfield Art Gallery; and Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery, Carlisle. Also, for the first time, we will be taking all the artists to the cultural heart of London as we spend a week at the Bankside Gallery in June 2018.

In 2015 the show saw over sixty highly-talented artists exhibit at three renowned galleries across the country, with prizes of over £15,000 awarded. The show was seen by 42,500 people across the venues, resulting in sales of over £55,000.

“True to its name, New Light is a revelation. None of the open exhibitions I’ve judged in the past has tapped into such a pool of undiscovered talent. There are always a few established artists whose work one recognises, but nearly all of the artists here were new to me and there were several I was astonished – and rather ashamed – not to have come across. I hope this exposure will make them more visible in the future. The sheer variety of work, at all levels, was heartening – it bolstered my faith in the vigour of British painting.”  Laura Gascoigne – Art Reviewer and 2015 Judge

Please see website for further information and submission details:

Established in 2010, New Light celebrates and promotes Northern art, supporting both well-known and emerging artists by offering some of the region’s best awards and opportunities with the biennial New Light Prize Exhibition, which is fast becoming one of the UK’s largest and most talked about open exhibitions.



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