Triple view opening invitation at 44AD


Thurs 22 June  6pm – 8pm

Ground floor Gallery: I Walked Out – Painting and print by Carole Anne Tonge
Basement Gallery: 48 Hours notice exhibition – Natural World
Stairwell Gallery: Semper Femina – Photographic works by Bath Spa graduates

Semper Femina: photographic works by Bryony Jade Throup and Clare Krige

Stairwell Gallery:

Bryony Jade Throup and Clare Krige are BA (Hons) Photography graduates from Bath School of Art and Design. On display will be selected photographic works from their recent degree show. The images are shown through the female gaze and convey themes of gender and identity.


48 Hours notice (NATURAL WORLD)

Exhibition runs:  21st June – 2nd July 2017,    Open:  12pm – 6pm  (Sun 1pm – 4pm)

Please feel welcome to join us for the Private View:  Thurs 22nd June  (6pm – 8pm)

A group of artists had 48 Hours to respond to the theme NATURAL WORLD, followed by a team of curators to organise and present the unseen work.

Each 48 Hours notice exhibition revolves around the making and exhibiting of artworks at a very short notice, and there is no pressure to create a masterpiece; presented artwork may even be a work in progress. The 48 Hours notice project is very much about exploring the process of creativity and the generation of ideas with the aim of initiating a dialogue between the audience, artist/artworks and the space.

In collaboration with The Festival of Nature, 48 Hours notice NATURAL WORLD will take place in the Basement gallery at 44AD artspace.

Please see the weblink to find out more about the Festival of Nature  –


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