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WMA Masters 2017/18 Call For Submissions: TRANSITION

From now till 15 September 2017, the WMA Masters invites both international and Hong Kong artists and image-makers to submit photographic works. The visual content must be related to Hong Kong and the chosen theme, “Transition”. Finalists will be selected by a panel of international judges and their works will be exhibited in Hong Kong in Spring 2018. A full-colour catalogue will be published to coincide with the exhibition. 

The WMA Masters will also host a series of talks, panels, and seminars during the exhibition period. The winner of WMA Masters will receive a cash prize of HKD$250,000. Each of the finalist will receive HKD$15,000.

Entries are open to both residents of Hong Kong and other countries. The competition is open to all nationalities. Entries must be submitted by an individual (not via any agency or organisation). 

Photographs submitted must adhere to the following criteria –
1. the photographs must be taken in or be related to Hong Kong and
2. the photographs must be related to the subject of the WMA Masters of that cycle. 

By entering the competition, you agree to be bound by the rules set out by the WYNG Foundation. All entrants agree to participate in any publicity in connection with this competition as required and to the use of your name and likeness for the purpose of promotion and publicity. 

There is no entry fee associated with the WMA Masters. 

Each applicant can only enter once in each cycle.Each submission must consist of a series of up to 10 images and captions, Project Statement, Biography and Personal Data. Images uploaded to the competition website must be a minimum of 5 megabytes and not exceed the maximum size of 10 megabytes, in JPEG/JPG format. If your work is voted to the shortlist of finalists, you will be asked to submit a high-resolution version of all images within 7 days of notification. 

The entry can be an ongoing project or a completed body of work.

Transition: transform, adapt, adjust, alter, metamorphose. Transitions are the moments leading up to change.  Sometimes they’re brief, other times they’re long processes. In language, transitions make our writing flow. In science, they’re the movement from one state of matter to another. In nature, they’re the graduation from one stage in a life cycle to a different phase. Transitions occur in politics, in gender, in seeking asylum. Hong Kong itself represents many forms of transition in areas such as housing, education, careers, immigration, healthcare and ageing. And while some would say these transitions have everything to do with returning Hong Kong’s sovereignty to China, others may see no connection at all.

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