Material Evidence


Oi Oi, acrylic on canvas 2017

Stewart Geddes

Atkinson Gallery, Millfield

4 September – 11 October 2017
Mon – Sat, 9.30am – 5.00pm (closed on Sundays)
Free admission to all

The Atkinson Gallery is proud to be welcoming the President of the Royal West of England Academy, Stewart Geddes, for a lively and colourful solo exhibition in September. Geddes took up the Presidency on 1 September 2016 and within his role he hopes to develop artistic and wider links with BME communities and to progress the archive collection of works that the RWA has been holding since the 19th century.

This exhibition explores the artistic developments Geddes has made over time and some may suggest his current work returns to an element of artistic practice that is very much alive in some of his earlier work.

Geddes’ practice is focussed in the moment where paint meets canvas. He moves beyond conscious decisions, he describes this as ‘pushing the process beyond control, to the moment when I don’t know what will take place, or even, what I’m going to do’. Geddes explores the behaviour of the paint, its potential to create a multitude of different gestures, marks and perhaps most importantly, he explores the elements of risk and chance. By working at a faster pace and making ‘live’ choices as the painting unfolds Geddes trusts his unconscious decisions in the moment.

We look forward to welcoming you to what will be a significant and rewarding exhibition. You can find out more about Geddes’ work via his website and if you wish to discover more about the work of the RWA you can find more details on their website

Further information on exhibitions can be obtained from:
t. 01458 444322 @galleryatkinson

Atkinson Gallery
BA16 0YD

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