Forest of Imagination


The title for the 48 hours notice project…

“Forest of Imagination”
and you have 48 hours from now to make a response!

48 hours notice… Forest of Imagination Private View: Fri 11 July (6pm – 8pm)

The group of selected Artists had 48 hours to respond to the title Forest of Imagination. Followed by a team of curators with 48 hours to then organise, curate and present the unseen work… let’s see what will happen!

Featuring painting, photography, print, installation and “Rumble in the Forest”, a performance featuring boxing gloves, a blank canvas and thoughts of Monet!

48 Hours notice “Forest of Imagination” is to be the last open exhibition held in the current gallery space, before 44AD move to their exciting new location. Therefore, as a celebration to what will have been a fantastic two years at Lower Borough Walls, it seems only fitting to invite you and anyone and everyone to respond to the title of this show!

44AD artspace looks forward to presenting this exhibition as part of Forest of Imagination, an exciting and immersive programme of artworks, events and interventions.

Show continues: 12 – 17 July Open: 12 midday – 6pm (Sun 1pm – 4pm)

Below are submission details that participants were provided with.

44AD is relocating to 4 Abbey St in Bath; opening on 1st August. Once we have settled in there will be more opportunities to take part in 48 hours call for submissions…

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Please take the title “Forest of Imagination” as inspiration for your artwork.

Each 48 Hours Notice show revolves around the making and exhibiting of artworks at a very short notice, and there is no pressure to create a masterpiece (your submitted artwork can even be a work in progress). The 48 Hours notice project is very much about exploring the process of creativity, with the aim of initiating a dialogue between the audience, artist/artworks and the space. Every idea and response is valid.

A few things…
All mediums will be accepted and your work can be made during/site specific/performance based … at the opening and/or throughout the duration of the show. In the past, we have had several long distance/international applicants. If you are unable to make the hand in and your work is video installation/sound art/ something that can be sent/drop-boxed etc. please feel free to do so.

Each artist taking part in a 48 hours notice show will be required to pay £10 towards exhibition expenses and (if possible) to help out with invigilating the show.
Please could you email by Saturday evening (5th July) to confirm that you are able to participate in this show.

We look forward to seeing you at the hand in (details as follows)…
Please could you bring your artwork/s ready to hang, alongside a card for each piece that states your name, artwork title, medium and price (if applicable), to:
44AD artspace. 7B Lower Borough Walls. Bath. BA1 1QR.
on Sunday 6th July between 5pm-6pm
or Monday 7th July between 10am-11am.

Set up for the show will take place next week, and the Private View will be held on Fri 11th July 6pm – 8pm.
48 Hours notice… Forest of Imagination will run until Thursday 17th July and your artwork/s will be available for collection on this day between 4 – 6 pm.

Please be aware that 44AD artspace will take 10% commission of any artworks sold and although every care will be taken, cannot accept liability for theft or damage to artwork. If you are able to volunteer a few hours of your time to help man the gallery space throughout the shows duration, please could you let us know as this would be extremely appreciated.

Best of Luck!

44AD Artspace

7b Lower Borough Walls, Bath BA1 1QR


Tel: 07753 387 325

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